Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The ABD Club

I backtracked one of our hits to a link from this blog. Some of their stuff might be of interest to our readers. I have also added them to our list of "other observables."


  1. Apparently we're "more official" than they are. Did they see the comic strip with the tornado who engages in the Ethics of Care?

  2. They must have missed that. Maybe their web client doesn't allow for images? Either that, or we're confusing "official" with "professional." Our comic clearly makes us less professional, but not obviously less official.

    But God, I love that comic strip! I demand more Moose and Dude.

  3. Hey, thanks for linking. I had not seen the Moose strip when I posted.

    I said "official" since you sounded like you had authorization and approval from your department. Though I don't know if that's true. Our operation is a bit more under the radar.

    I've put you on our links list too.

    Our blog does not allow open comments yet (I still have to convince some of the blog-phobic people in the group) but maybe soon.