Sunday, February 19, 2006

Mark van Roojen Podcast

This worked out better than I had hoped.

I think, eventually, we need to get an RSS feed, and get a podcast up and running. In the meantime, I provide you with our very first MP3 of a talk here at Bowling Green. Mark van Roojen popped by to tell us all about Moral Rationalism and Rational Amoralism [MP3]. Sound like fun? You bet! It was, it was. Just have a listen.

While listening, you should download this outline [PDF] of the talk. Mark points it out at the beginning of the talk, and thinks it is of great value while listening. I agree.


  1. This is a great feature of the blog, Jaworski, thanks for providing it. If it's a success, we ought to think about switching to a host that allows us to archive old posts rather than have them disappear after a few months.

  2. Peter, here are some Kudos for the excellent work! "Kudos" "Kudos" [print them out for use at your local Kudos Black market]

  3. Indeed. Cool idea. I have to miss all of these talks, and it's been very frustrating.