Saturday, September 15, 2007

Episode 118

So, this is the first of the new ones. For those of you who enjoy Moose and Dude, here's some incentive to post on the blog: New episodes will appear immediately following all (and only) new posts.* Now, some wise acre might be thinking "But, Faraci, each of your posted episodes is a new post, and thus you must post constantly." False, wise acre, because I meant other kinds of posts.

*This has some caveats: Of course, if there are a whole slew of new posts and I can't keep up with the writing, there may be some lag. And if I'm not on the blog and two people happen to post right after one another before I can insert a comic, so be it. Also, if there is a severe lag in posting, I may post some comics anyway.


  1. I applaud your use of both my trademark "False!" and the word "wise acre" in the post.

  2. False. Wise acre is two words.

  3. Well, I usually think of it as one word. I should have included a [sic] next to the quote to denote your mistaken spelling. Wiseacre.